How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

Skinny, bootcut, or boyfriend. It doesn’t matter what style you like, you probably have some jeans in your wardrobe. They look great, they feel great and, let’s be honest, you can wear them a few times without washing them. But some people are now saying you don’t even really need to put them in the machine that often.

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A Little Denim History

Jeans are pretty hard wearing garments. They were the original American work wear for cowboys before we adopted them in the name of fashion, but nowadays everyone wears them, from kids to fashionistas to city executives. But once you’ve picked out your favourite womens designer jeans, how do you look after them?

What the Experts Say

Read the label and it tells you to wash them at 30 degrees and you know you’re free to pop your jeans in the washing machine. But what the label doesn’t tell you is how often to do that.

Scientists have been carrying out studies looking at what hangs around on the fabric, and they say after a day of wearing your jeans, they’ve got things like bacteria and skin cells on them. While that may sound gross, it isn’t actually a health issue. Researchers recommend washing them once for every four to six wears.

But the head of one big jeans company reckons you should NEVER put them in a washing machine. It may sound disgusting, but Chip Bergh from Levi’s says it could actually damage the material. Instead he says you should put your jeans in the freezer to kill off any bacteria.

What You Should Do

Opinion is definitely split on how best to look after your denim. With no clear answer it’s going to come down to personal circumstances.

If you run around in them all day, chances are they’ll attract more dirt, but if you pop them on for a quick trip to buy a pint of milk, then change back into your onesie when you get home and they’re probably going to be ok for longer. And if you’re one of the few people who don’t already have a pair, ask yourself ‘ where can I find designer jeans‘?

If they look dirty or start to smell it’s obvioulsy time for a wash. And if you fancy frozen jeans, why not give it a go?