Knock on wood (or plastic or aluminium or glass….)

If you’re thinking of renovating or redecorating your home interior then make sure that you don’t overlook the doors. There are many varieties that can be manufactured or bought ready to install and here we will take a look at the different types available that could fit into the style of your home.

Most doors have typically been made from wood or timber with the main advantage being its local availability and the ease they can be made by local carpenters. There is a large variety of wood to choose from and what choice you make should be based on durability and budget. Wood can be used for both interior and exterior doors but are best suited to outside locations.

Framed and paneled doors are the most common kind found in homes with the frame made out of wood and shutter panels from plywood, block board or timber. The panels can come with many designs making them a very attractive choice for interiors. The panels can also be made from glass and these doors are known as paneled and glazed. The design can be tailored to meet the requirements of your desired interior.

Battened and ledged doors are the simplest in design and are the oldest doors in human history. They are made up of vertical wooden battens with three horizontal ledges at the top, middle and bottom. They can be braced or braced and framed which gives them greater rigidity and look. These doors are often found in outhouses, toilets, bathrooms or where economy is the key focus.

Flush doors are those which are completely smooth and have a plywood or fibreboard fixing over a timber frame. They are fairly light and have a interior that is filled cardboard core. These light doors are most commonly used in interiors. The frames can be made of wood or steel and are hinged along one side so the door only opens in one direction. They are economic, aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

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Glass doors are popular at the back of properties for letting in light and overlooking the garden. French doors are very attractive and include glass panels normally surrounded by a upvc frame. Letting in lots of natural light, these doors can look great on a conservatory or opening out onto a balcony. For French Doors Dublin, visit

PVC doors are very common and this plastic material is used for various items around the house including water pipes and tanks. These doors are available in many designs and colours and are hardwearing, anti corrosive, light and moisture resistant. They are quite economical when compared to wooden doors.

Aluminium is used for a great many things due to its lightness. Doors, windows  and partitions are all available in this material. They are great for doors and windows as they can withhold tough environmental conditions and are extremely durable. Such doors can be sliding or side hung and have quite a distinctive look.