So called ‘intelligent’ adhesives boost filter resistance

Adhesives are used for a wide variety of different applications, in both domestic and industrial settings. One of the most important uses for ‘intelligent’ adhesives is for ensuring strong and resistant air filter systems. These types of filters are created using tailored adhesives, which need to be strong and reliable. Manufacturers often face difficulties with these adhesives but the new style of ‘intelligent’ adhesives make life much easier, as they boost the filter resistance naturally.


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In the world of air filters, there can be many different structural sizes, forms and materials used to create a successful product. In vehicles, this choice is huge and will depend on the specification of the vehicle.

Intelligent Adhesives

Specially chosen ‘intelligent’ adhesives can improve the filter quality, thanks to the performance improvement of the charcoal filter. That performance is determined in part by the filter’s absorption capacity. New intelligent adhesives have high strength levels at the laminating stage, even when only low weights of adhesive are used. This helps reduce air permeability and improves the function of the filter, which is to filter and keep clean a constant supply of air.

Bonding Metal

Adhesives are used for connecting various structural components, to ensure strength and durability. Adhesives are also used for bonding of flat surfaces, pleating and frame assembly. Many people ask what are metal bonding adhesives used for? High quality metal bonding adhesives can be used to ensure speedy manufacturing and stress-free engineering. The adhesive system chosen can increase the reliability of a filter system as well as its resistance.

Research and Developments in Adhesives

Adhesives are commonplace in the world, in both industry and nature. For example, a new adhesive has been developed by a team of researchers in America, which is based on the sticky quality of geckos’ feet. This adhesive is made from renewable materials so it can be washed and reused. This interesting new development shows how much scope there is to improve and develop adhesives for industry and how nature can influence this research.

Other research has discovered that adhesives based on polyurethane or polyolefin have strong spraying properties that maintain particularly high levels of strength. Whether looking to bond together aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel or titanium, there is an intelligent adhesive to suit the situation.