Two more great coaching jobs to get into in Australian sport

If you’re looking to get into coaching in Australia there are plenty of options available, as the nation is sports mad and there’s a definite focus on performance. There is a demand for specific types of coaches, and Development Officers and High Performance Managers are both required for a variety of different sports.


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Development Officers

Development officers are required in all sorts of sports. This role generally focuses on developing a specific sector within a sport, such as participation, coaching, growth, marketing or membership.

Depending on the role, this position generally requires 2 to 3 years of experience within the desired field. Applicants need to be skilled in administration, and financial and organisation processes.

Using hockey as an example, applicants would need to have excellent communication skills, an understanding of the structure of the sport, field hockey drills, team dynamics and coaching regime. Understanding how a company such as Sportplan offer support to Australian field hockey teams with their drill videos, and how similar training techniques can be used would also be key, as Development Officers may have to explain the roles of such material.

Qualifications for this type of job would be sport specific, but with an emphasis on development. A degree in management, sports science or any other related field would be a plus.

High Performance Managers

A High Performance Manager is usually employed at a national or state level, however there are regional and local roles that have openings too. Often these roles lead to bigger placements, as the national teams require managers with experience.

This role generally requires a senior level coaching background within a certain sport, or sound working knowledge of elite athlete programs. This type of manager will work in conjunction with a Coach or Coaching Director.

Strategic planning, experience in managing objectives, writing and managing of high performance plans, budgeting and allocating athletes grants are just a few of the strengths someone applying for this position would need. Additionally, there needs to be familiarity with factors such as anti doping rules, event schedules and the application of sports science.

A minimum requirement for any applicant would be an undergraduate degree, with an emphasis on sports science or coaching. You would also need to demonstrate a history of involvement in either playing, coaching or both, as experience is an absolute essential.